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Every computer systems need to protect from infected files like viruses, malwares and Trojans. These files not only infect the system but they also degrade the performance and speed. Few infected files are developed to steal the private information of the user. That’s why these files are very dangerous and you should be safe from them.

In order to keep track of the safety of your Mac system there are lots of antivirus programs available but one is very popular. This one program is called the MacKeeper and it is available at a cost of $40 (for single Mac) or use our MacKeeper Coupon Code and get it for less.


About MacKeeper

MacKeeper is utility software developed by Kromtech especially for the Mac systems. This software provides lots of features and Kromtech says that it provides features of about 16 different softwares and helps you in saving about $500. If you install 16 different softwares on your Mac then you need to pay more than $500 while to have MacKeeper you only need to pay $40. MacKeeper can provide you features of 16 different softwares and that’s why it is very popular.

Features Provided by MacKeeper

MacKeeper softwares can provide following features to your Mac.

Anti Virus Solution – When you install the MacKeeper on your system then instantaneously it scans the files and folders stored on your Mac for infections. MacKeeper is capable of finding infections like Virus, Malware and Trojan easily and delete them. This ensures the safety of your Mac. Another feature of the MacKeeper is that it provides both online and offline protection for your Mac from all types of infections. You can safely browse any website on your browser and MacKeeper will take care for the safety for you.

Performance Optimization – MacKeeper ensures that the performance of the Mac doesn’t goes down due to it or any other software. It keeps tracks of the performance issues on its own and fixes them instantaneously so that users don’t find any issues. Most of the antivirus programs slower downs the performance of the system but MacKeeper is not the one as it has special feature and mechanism for the performance optimization.

Data Protection – if you want special software that keeps your data safe then you don’t need that if your Mac has MacKeeper installed. MacKeeper provides data security as well with the system security. You can create instant backup of all your data and MacKeeper creates one backup on its own just after it is installed. These backups help in restoring files and folders in emergency conditions.

If you have deleted any file or folder from your Mac and need that now then MacKeeper will provide you that because it keeps the copy of each and every important file and folders of your Mac. Thus it provides you additional feature of data security with the system security which makes it worth.

You can download MacKeeper on your Mac from official Kromtech website. You have to pay approx $40 to have this utility software for one Mac but using the MacKeeper Coupon Code mentioned above you can get it for more cheaper. This is good software with average good reviews and ratings but few people still don’t like it.

MacKeeper – The Perfect Solution for your Mac

MacKeeper is a product of Kromtech The company has operated since 2009 and has been successful in helping customers enjoy the best high-tech solutions by developing products with the most up-to-date technologies. The company keeps its pace with the changing needs and demands of customers, as well as the ever-changing domain of technology.

Kromtech has dedicated several years to creating MacKeeper for your Mac. The company has provided all Mac users with a vital tool capable of managing routine tasks and one that keeps your Mac secure, clean and at optimum performance. The best thing about this product is that it’s a bundle of the most essential system utilities for a number of tasks on Mac and so keeps you away from using a lot of apps and from customer-support centres. In other words, all solutions in one pack!

MacKeeper Coupon Code

MacKeeper is efficient in performing instant cleanup and removes junk from Mac, even if it’s in gigabytes. It provides unmatched security and hence you are safe from any theft, spyware and data loss. It further enhances the level of performance of your Mac by boosting its speed and keeping all your apps updated. The bundle further includes 16 apps, which are supposed to be a must. Kromtech was kind enough to provide with an exclusive MacKeeper coupon code which allows you to save 20% more on the mentioned price on site.

Spotlight on the Features of MacKeeper

  • Once you have MacKeeper, you are safe from all sorts of internet fraud. You can browse safely over the internet with the Real Time Safe Browsing feature, which blocks all malicious websites. Further, you can create your own list of unsafe websites for more security.
  • Also, Mac OS engine antivirus is offered for more security.
  • However, MacKeeper protects your Mac from identity theft, Mac malware, fraud websites, Mac Os and Windows viruses, email threats, Mac spyware, phishing attacks and threats from external devices.
  • Even if you Mac is stolen, don’t worry. MacKeeper has the perfect solution. Once it is stolen, the software will identify the thief’s location and you will get a snapshot as well as location report, which the police will retrieve. Your Mac will be soon back in your hands.
  • The Fast Cleanup option helps you clean your Mac at ease. The utilities in Fast Cleanup include: Binaries Cutters, which cut all irrelevant parts of apps; Language Cutters, which delete all unused languages from apps; Logs Cleaner, which helps clean log files belonging to both the system and user; and Cache Cleaner, which empties the caches from the system and removes user cache files.
  • The Disk Usage option lets you know the size of files and folders because it marks them with distinct colours according to their sizes. In this way, you can easily identify the files you don’t need and delete them.
  • If there are duplicate files in the system, it will let you know so you can deal with it accordingly.
  • The file finder option, above all, is the best. It gives you quick access to the files you need.
  • The MacKeeper bundle comes with Smart Uninstaller, which totally removes all your unwanted apps, widgets, preference panes and plug-ins. No preferences, caches and logs are left behind on Mac’s hard drive once the app is removed, all thanks to Smart Uninstaller.
  • The Update Tracker that comes with MacKeeper keeps all your apps on Mac up to date with the latest version. The green mark shows the app is updated and the red mark shows it is out of date. You can then update the outdated app by a single click on the Update option.

The features of MacKeeper do not end here. There are a lot more utilities offered in this one pack for your Mac. You can explore more of it, once you own itYou can also use MacKeeper Coupon code to save 95% on MacKeeper